Friday, 1 August 2014

Parents and Pets - Equal? Are they?

I was working and could hear wailing Dog....I checked. The gate was closed, the door was also latched. First feeling was of fear and soon I overcame. Then again that moaning sound bothered me. As I went outside...checked underneath my Car, a shiny black dog was hiding there. I mustered courage to approach the gate to open and soon realized it will not bite. He was not friendly but fearful....I soon lured him outside showing bit of Ghewar (sweet)...he soon came out taste and finally eat. 
I realized it was a pet dog..abandoned because of broken bone of right paw.When I asked how can someone leave such a sweet and disciplined dog...answer was when they can leave their old parents on roadside...why would they not do the same with their pets! Who would bear the burden of a lame dog! The society would surely do..knowing well it will not mingle up with the street dogs and would always enjoy the company of humans...who it trusts more! 
Will keep its faith!

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