Sunday, 19 June 2011

Change is Inevitable- better when you expect least??

Situations change, People change, Life changes -- not when you strive hard but but when you expect least....when you let the life take its own course.I have been silently watching transformations, in myself, in people around, in mindsets, in attitude. Sometimes we analyze, argue, brood too much, and then nothing seems to come by. Life seems flat, unmoving, stationary, mundane...and we begun to accept this with hope alive deep somewhere, there ought to be change, unable to visualize though. And then one day the ship in the ocean stirs and steers ahead, not necessarily on the desired route but certainly towards desired direction. Off late, or perhaps, like ever before, I have begun to accept (have no choice otherwise) the force of supreme power. This power lead us to where we ought to be. Right or wrong can never be our judgment. Choices we make in the given circumstances matters. If we do the best with bonafide intentions, accept people, accept situations, accept our follies and make peace with whatever we are endowed with....we shall not suffer. That doesn't stop us dreaming, that's our life force.
Suffering seems to lessen, learning widens, I love people in my life more each day and trying to be a better human being each day!!!

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