Friday, 1 August 2014

Parents and Pets - Equal? Are they?

I was working and could hear wailing Dog....I checked. The gate was closed, the door was also latched. First feeling was of fear and soon I overcame. Then again that moaning sound bothered me. As I went outside...checked underneath my Car, a shiny black dog was hiding there. I mustered courage to approach the gate to open and soon realized it will not bite. He was not friendly but fearful....I soon lured him outside showing bit of Ghewar (sweet)...he soon came out taste and finally eat. 
I realized it was a pet dog..abandoned because of broken bone of right paw.When I asked how can someone leave such a sweet and disciplined dog...answer was when they can leave their old parents on roadside...why would they not do the same with their pets! Who would bear the burden of a lame dog! The society would surely do..knowing well it will not mingle up with the street dogs and would always enjoy the company of humans...who it trusts more! 
Will keep its faith!

दीवारों के कान नहीं

अपनी अज़मत के किस्से
बेशर्मी से बयां करते हैं
दीवारों के कान नहीं
आँखें भी हुआ करती हैं।

Sunday, 19 June 2011

Change is Inevitable- better when you expect least??

Situations change, People change, Life changes -- not when you strive hard but but when you expect least....when you let the life take its own course.I have been silently watching transformations, in myself, in people around, in mindsets, in attitude. Sometimes we analyze, argue, brood too much, and then nothing seems to come by. Life seems flat, unmoving, stationary, mundane...and we begun to accept this with hope alive deep somewhere, there ought to be change, unable to visualize though. And then one day the ship in the ocean stirs and steers ahead, not necessarily on the desired route but certainly towards desired direction. Off late, or perhaps, like ever before, I have begun to accept (have no choice otherwise) the force of supreme power. This power lead us to where we ought to be. Right or wrong can never be our judgment. Choices we make in the given circumstances matters. If we do the best with bonafide intentions, accept people, accept situations, accept our follies and make peace with whatever we are endowed with....we shall not suffer. That doesn't stop us dreaming, that's our life force.
Suffering seems to lessen, learning widens, I love people in my life more each day and trying to be a better human being each day!!!

Thursday, 16 June 2011

Discontent is in larger Good!!

Sense of loss is the worst feeling. And sense of achievement is so gratifying. Loss always teaches you and success spoils. I have yet to succeed in full bloom and struggling hard to overcome whatever discontent left in life. This struggle is my life force and in a way method to keep myself impervious to attachments.
Driven by this pain of disturbance - wanna give my best to my family, friends and loved ones and also beyond them to those who are not part of my life. Disturbance is essential to keep that seething pain - force oneself to serve the society beyond self.
I want to keep myself eternally disturbed and eternally discontent.

Saturday, 11 June 2011

Thursday, 2 June 2011

Brain, Drains You

Brain Game

Had had a discussion over brain with a psychiatrist, posted in army, Dr Vikas. He says its difficult to fathom brain, we can understand its mechanism but its actions are unpredictable. He shared about his friend who was haunted with suicidal thoughts, and on exploration there was no apparent or deeper reason for this tendency.....even when we think we share a lot, we express a lot, we keep no qualms about life.....our brain gets crazy, drive us crazy and we lose control.

Is it lack of good relationships, lack of our understanding about ourselves, lack of don't know what???

i was amazed to see this test of brain usage:

Try this - its about Brain and Science

×ðÁ ÂÚU ·¤æ× ·¤ÚUÌð ãéU° ¥ÂÙæ ÎæØæ´ ÂñÚU Á×èÙ â𠪤ÂÚU ©UÆUæ·¤ÚU ©Uâð €Üæ·¤ßæ§UÁ ØæÙè ƒæÇ¸è ·¤è çÎàææ ×ð´ »æðÜ »æðÜ ƒæé×æ§U°Ð ¥Õ âæÍ âæÍ ãUßæ ×ð´ ¥ÂÙð âèŠæð ãUæÍ âð { ·¤æ ¥´·¤ ÕÙæ§U°Ð ¥ÂÙð ÂñÚU ·ð¤ ƒæê×Ùð ·¤è çÎàææ ÂÚU »æñÚU ·¤èçÁ°, ØãU ©UËÅUæ ƒæê×Ùð Ü»æ ãñUÐ ãU× ¥ÂÙè âæð¿ ·¤è ãUÎæð´ ·¤æð ·¤Öè â×Ûæ ÙãUè´ ÂæÌð Üðç·¤Ù Îæ°´ Õæ°´ ·¤è ·¤æÚUSÌæÙè â×Ûæ·¤ÚU §Uâ ·¤çÚUà×ð ·¤æð ÁM¤ÚU â×Ûææ Áæ â·¤Ìæ ãñUÐ